Writings & Works

Writings & Works

Writings and Works:

My experiences, ideas, prognostications and solutions are best expressed in my writings and works:

I Voted for Trump and DeSantis—and Now Regret It

I voted for Trump — twice. I was a right-wing pundit. I was dead wrong about all of it

I Carry a Firearm Every Day. Yes, the Second Amendment Is Killing Us

America’s mainstream media still wants to save the GOP — but that’s impossible

A prayer before dying: On the Republican Party’s terminal illness

The GOP’s Nefarious Mythologies Have Become a Dire Problem for Democracy

House Republicans Are Going to Wish They Had a Nancy Pelosi

Currently working on: “Obama and Trump Are Forever: What Polar Opposite Presidents Teach Us About Leadership”

Also currently working on screenplays for a feature film and TV pilot